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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day

Enjoying a snow day. I wish it was not on a day we already had off from school but a snow day is always a joyous thing. Today I'm knitting on a Chemo Cap.

Yesterday a few us went the the Annual Minnesota Knitters Guild Tea. The food was great. Not many there because of the snow but a fun time was had by all. The MKG is going to be making Chemo Hats (in honor of a member who died of cancer last year) for it's service project this year. A few of us thought that would be great for our Knit-Lit group to do too. We could just take them to MKG and they would distribute them. They plan to distribute them in Duluth, Minneapolis and St. Paul. If any one in our group has a place they would rather take them I'm sure we would all be open to that.

There are a lot of patterns for Chemo Hats. They sized differently sized due to loss of hair. Also they are made out of different yarn since wool often too irritating. So please use a pattern specifically for Chemo and note the yarn used.

Hope you all get to enjoy the snow day by knitting.

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