Knitting-Lit Book Club is now being held at Panera. The Panera is located on 35E and County Road E in Vadnais Heights. We meet the Second Tuesday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. Come Knit one, Read too! We also meet the First and Fourth Thursday of the month at the same time and location to knit and chat.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Meeting

Our next meeting is January 13th and we will be reading Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum.

At our January meeting we will be signing up for our Knit-Lit Friendship Scarf yarn exchange. All who want to participate will sign up at the January meeting so each participant will know how many individual balls to bring. We will take the 420 yards it takes to makes a scarf and divide it by the number of participants and that will tell us how much yarn needs to be in each ball and how many balls. Then to the February meeting all who want to participate will bring the individually balls of worsted weight yarn with them. (The yarn of each little ball to be determined by how many want to participate) Then at the meeting we will put our rolled balls of yarn on a table. Each person who is participating will pick up one ball of each kind of yarn. Then we will take our balls of yarn and knit them into a scarf or mitten or hat or what ever you want. Maybe Stephanie will make a purse since she make wonderful little purses. There is no limit to when, what or how you use the yarn. In the end we will each have a special item, that we knit, that connects us to our Friends at Knit-Lit. There will not be any time pressure but we might want to bring them for show and share as we each finish.

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